We love the Sea. We love being on the water. 

Vessels and ships form our fascination.

Having a chance to contribute to this exciting experience, that is the impulse of our action.

Worldwide communication with customers, partners, foreigners and friends gives us daily satisfaction, gratification and energy. 


BGM Trading GmbH is recognized as a reliable technical ship supplier thanks to our active work in the shipping industry since 1992.

We are only a small family business but we are flexible and fast. We are one team - well-trained staff with more than 25 years of experience in this branch.

100 % service and commitment for you 365 days a year, 24/7.

By the combination of a traditional Hamburgian trading company with owners of Scandinavian background, we have ,internally and externally, our principales and values.

This fundament is above all for our commer- cial action and the way of cooperation with our customers, partners and own employees. 



With our long-term partners we represent internationally well-known makers of all kind of technical equipment. 

We provide GENUINE, OEM and TRADEMARK quality spares. Made available by our factories and sub-suppliers approved to

ISO 9002 and 14001.

Our regular clients are Ship-Owners, Ship Management companies, the Ship Building Industry as well as Industrial companies.

We offer a wide range of spare parts, new and/or reconditioned.

- Pump, compressor, separator and

  purifier spare parts.

- Mechanical seals.

- Main and Aux Engine parts.

- Valves, fittings and armatures.

- Electrical Equipment. Electric Motors.

- Filter Equipment.

- Deck Stores and Tools.

- Safety Equipment and Chemicals.


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