MARISOL ANTI FREEZE - LONG LIFE  -  Cooling water treatment

Cooling water treatment and corrosion inhibitor for use in engine cooling systems & brine systems. Safe for use with systems containing light alloys such as aluminium.


MARISOL A-BAC  -  Anti bacterial treatment for cooling water

MARISOL A-BAC, Anti Bacterial treatment for cooling water is an active chemical agent based on antibacterial biocides for elimination of algae and bacteria in marine fresh water cooling systems and tanks for technical water.


MARISOL BC-PLUS / US  -  Bilge water coagulant

Bilge water treatment/coagulant at separation with Floc-method, approved Floc-agent. To be dosed to bilge water separators of Marin Floc type. See Instruction for use.


MARISOL BT  -  Boiler water treatment

Liquid compound based on natural and inorganic substances. Does not contain the unhealthy component hydrazine. High concentrated product – low dosage. Approved by major boiler manufacturers. See Instruction for use.


MARISOL CC  -  Condensate & corrosion inhibitor

Alkaline liquid compound with a slight ammoniac odour. Prevents corrosion in condensate system, hotwell, boiler feed lines. Remains in the steam through the boiler and protects the entire system. Does not contain hydrazine. See Instruction for use.


MARISOL CW  -  Cooling water treatment

Liquid compound, a nitrite/borate products, improved with active agents, which together protect iron and metal against corrosion, scales and deposits. Contains no chromate. High concentrated product – low dosage. Approved by major motor manufacturers.


MARISOL ET  -  Evaporator treatment

Concentrated neutral liquid compound for hardness stabilisation and crystal distortion in salt water feed to evaporators. Basic products are approved for potable water production in the UK, France and Holland. Miscible with sea & fresh water.


MARISOL MD  -  Mud conditioner

Liquid flocculent that keeps silt and mud suspended in water to avoid sediment build up and cleans sediments in ballast tanks.


MARISOL ph-    -   pH Booster and passivating agent

Dosed as a pH-booster for neutralizing alkaline solutions. Can also be used for passivation of stainless steel tanks.


MARISOL pH+   -  Strong alkaline solution for water treatment

Based on NaOH and is a strong alkaline product. Dosed as a pH-booster for neutralizing acidic solutions.


MARISOL SG-2  -  Sea growth inhibitor

An agent based on biocides that are active against sea growth in seawater inlets, pipelines and heat exchangers. It is designed to prevent micro organisms and to control further growth. See Instruction for use.