Alkaline Cleaning and Maintenance

MARISOL AP  -  All Purpose Cleaner

Heavy concentrated environmental safe alkaline cleaner/degreaser without material inhibitors. Gives a very high cleaning efficiency. Manual- or HP-wash of Deck-, Engine room & Prod./Chem. Tanks.


MARISOL CR  -  Carbon remover

Environmentally friendly compound- safe to handle. Carbon removal from pistons, cyl. heads, heat exchangers, scavening air coolers etc. To be used in bath, heating to 50-60 0C will increase the dissolving efficiency.


MARISOL FC  -  Fuel & lube oil separator type cleaner - Multi CIP

Concentrated complex alkaline cleaner solution, containing corrosion inhibitors. Re-circulated CIP-cleaning of bowl and disc stack in fuel & lube oil separators. Can also be used for manual cleaning of the dismounted disc stack. Read Instruction for use.


MARISOL FW  -  Foam wash

Effective complex alkaline cleaner with foaming agents. Used in a wide range of cleaning areas for both engine and deck cleaning. Efficient for cleaning of vertical surfaces and foaming agent allows the cleaning agent to work under a cleaning period as foam.


MARISOL GD  -  General cleaner & degreaser

Complex alkaline cleaner and degreaser with a very high cleaning efficiency. Has a very good separation ability. Approved for Floc bilge water separators. Manual- or HP-wash of Deck-, Engine room & Prod./Chem. Tanks.


MARISOL GP  -  Granulated Pipe cleaner

Disolves animal fat, vegetable grease and other fat deposits in sewage systems. Also suitable as a pH adjuster.


MARISOL HD  -  Heavy Duty cleaner

Liquid compound with surface active environmental safe agents. Dissolves burnt-in deposits on engine surfaces, heavy duty cleaning of engine & pump rooms, heat exchangers. Manual- or HP-wash of Deck-, Engine room & Prod./Chem. Tanks.


MARISOL LC  -  Liquid Alkaline cleaner

Effective complex alkaline cleaner. Formulated to enhance the brightness and lustre of painted surfaces. Contains material inhibitors. Manual- or HP-wash of Deck-, Engine room & Prod./Chem. Tanks.


MARISOL NC  -  Neutral cleaner

Mild alkaline cleaner. Specially developed for alkaline safe cleaning, i.e. product tankers- zinc coated tanks. Manual-, HP-wash and tank cleaning of Prod./Chem. Tanks.


MARISOL OC  -  Oil cleaner

Highly concentrated low pH alkaline liquid compound with very effective surface active agents, developed for cleaning of oil contamination. Dissolves deposits on engine surfaces and is excellent for heavy duty cleaning of engine, pump- & separator rooms.


MARISOL OC-E  -  Oil & filter cleaner - based on esters

Ester based, mild alkaline cleaner. Specially developed for cleaning of hard oil deposits like sticky Heavy Fuel Oil. The low pH-level makes it useful for all types of filter cleaning (incl. Aluminium). high efficiency.


MARISOL OM  -  Oil & Mud cleaner

Specially formulated for cleaning of mud tanks as well as an efficient deck and engine room cleaner/degreaser.


MARISOL RC  -  Reefer cleaner

Foaming alkaline cleaner with Hypochlorite. A combined cleaning and disinfecting effect. The surfactants have the ability of solving grease at low temperatures. Manual- or HP-wash of reefer cargo rooms, ventilation ducts, waste containers etc.


MARISOL RO  -   Re-odouriser

Concentrated water based perfume emulsion. Miscible with sea & fresh water. Used to eliminate and mask unpleasant odours in a wide variety of different applications. Can be mixed with an alkaline cleaner.


MARISOL TERRA  -  Cleaner & degreaser

Water-based cleaner for engine rooms and deck. Formulated to minimise environmental impact. Manual- or HP-wash. A good substitute for traditional cold wash agents.


MARISOL VT-PLUS  -  Vegetable & animal oil tank cleaner - strengthened

Very powerful, concentrated, alkaline cleaner and degreaser with a high cleaning efficiency which is based on a surfactant that gives no harmful aromatic vapour. Specially formulated to meet the marine requirements as an efficient cargo tank.