petroleum cleaning and maintenance

MARISOL AC-2  -  Air cooler cleaner

High aromatic compound. The dissolving capacity for the actual type of deposit in air coolers, scavening air receivers is excellent. To be used for in-service cleaning, re-circulation- & cleaning in bath. See Instruction for use.


MARISOL EC  -  Electrical equipment cleaner

Cleaning & degreasing of electrical equipment, i.e. electrical motors, generators, contactors, electrical parts and engine parts. Has a very low electrical conductivity. To be used neat.


MARISOL LO  -  Low aromatic degreaser

Low aromatic citrus based degreaser. The citrus base considerably increases the cleaning efficiency. To be used neat.


MARISOL LD  -  Light degreaser - type coldwash

Low aromatic emulsifying degreaser with high flash point. Filter cleaner & coldwash. Dissolves oil and grease deposits in engine & pump rooms, on main & auxiliary engine surfaces.


MARISOL OD  -  Oil spill dispersant

Low aromatic compound. Emulsifying with high dispersing efficiency, low toxicity and with a high flash point. Can be used for a wide range of dispersal and cleaning of mineral oils, crude oils, lubricant oils etc.


MARISOL QS  -  Quick separating degreaser

Petroleum based liquid degreaser, specially developed for general engine room degreasing with high demand to bilge water separation ability. Its quick separating factor gives a clear bilge water, free from residues. To be used neat.


MARISOL TC  -  Tank cleaner, emulsifying

Liquid petroleum compound containing emulsifying detergents and surface active agents. Cleaning of heavy fuel oil tanks and to hard deposits of fuel oil. NOTE, this product is NOT recommended for bilge water separators.